Hamilton (NZ) LEGO® Users Group

Who We Are:

HamLUG (Hamilton LEGO® User Group) is a group of adult and teenage LEGO® collectors who like to collect, build and display their LEGO® creations! Some of us collect official sets as they come in the box, some of us like to modify these official LEGO® sets, and some of us like to build completely from our own imagination – or from things we see in the world around us. Some of us do all three!!

HamLUG was started in April 2016 and has been growing ever since.

Our primary online presence is on »FaceBook where you can follow us.

If you are interested in our »Annual Brick Show you can find out all about it.

You can see our upcoming events or view a few photos. We also provide links to other LUGs in New Zealand.

Our Aims:

What We Do:

Once a year we hold our major event which features displays by all of our members, along with guests from around New Zealand. During the year varying groups of members exhibit their works at places such as Toy Fairs, Hobby Shows, Museums, Shopping Malls, Schools and Markets etc. We have social get-togethers where we show and talk about our latest LEGO® purchases and creations, and discuss ideas for future projects. If you are interested in joining HamLUG, or are holding an event where you would like a LEGO® display, please contact us by email : hamlug@outlook.com or talt to us on one of our shows As a result of all the events held this in the last few years we have received interest from lots of people wanting to join our group, and we have more than 30 members who take part in some way with our activities. We have already planned many exciting new things for 2018, which are listed on the Home page www.hamlug.co.nz and our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/hamiltonlegousergroup